For Women by Women 

My name is Daphne Pfumojena. I am a Zimbabwean born Londoner. I created BumBoos to offer comfortable natural underwear to women. I decided to only create underwear I could see myself in, comfortable, practical and a little playful.
Plant based fabrics were my choice of fabric because of their numerous benefits. The fabric produced from bamboo organic cotton fibres are soft, sweat absorbent and antibacterial, therefore reducing the risk of moisture related infections, i.e. urinary tract infections, thrush. Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant, its fast growing, biodegradable, requires no fertiliser or pesticides for its cultivation and when harvested bamboo is cut, not uprooted, making it soil sustainable.
I am a Registered Nurse and undoubtably nursing influenced the idea to create underwear which promotes better health. I decided to use natural plant based dyes as they are kinder to skin, no chemicals, just as nature intended.

To achieve the work I do, I work with Andika who owns a small natural dye farm tucked away in Gianyar, Bali. I was attracted to Andika’s way of working as he emphasises on working organically with nature. Plant dyes are mostly produced from leaves, a pruning method, causing minimal harm to plants. When bark is used, replanting is encouraged.
To reduce impact on the environment once dyeing is completed, Andika feeds residue dye to Eceng Gondok, a plant which naturally filters the water, before it is fed back to the earth. Leaf and bark residue is composted.

Though I am the designer and curator of BumBoos, I collaborate with KamiLu Organics (We Are Women, in Balinese) to create BumBoos. KamiLu is a very small collective of female tailors/artisans, run by Ami, who only employs women as she wanted to create a work environment which encourages women to work without compromising life outside work. At KamiLu everyone is paid a fair wage and entitled to maternity leave. Overtime is not encouraged, as all women (total of 4) are mothers and are encouraged to have work, life balance. KamiLu was also created to support women creatives like myself who produce on a small scale.

In the near future, my goal is to grow into 100% natural dye and explore more sustainable fabrics such as tencel, as I acknowledge the problems around processing bamboo plant into fabric.  I also aim to continue working in a way which is fair to humanity and less harmful to mother earth and to be as transparent as possible in the way I create and produce.
To minimise waste, BumBoos patchwork styles have been created from the off cuts.

Ethically Made 🌿 Sustainable 🌿 Slow Process

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